The City of Rochester Pipe Band are a fun and friendly non-competitive pipe band made up of players of all ages. We attend a variety of public and private events, displays and carnivals every year.

The band comprises of two main sections – the drum section and the pipe section. Drums are further split into sub-sections of snare/side, tenor and bass drummers. Pipers are not split, but do play harmonies for some sets of tunes.

You will often find members of our band performing both in the UK and overseas!

What We Wear

The tartan we wear is Modern MacDougal, which we wear in some form, with our three uniforms that we perform in.

Which Are:

  • Full Dress – Feather Bonnets, Kilts, Hair Sporrans and Plaids. The quintessential look of a pipe band. Instantly recognisable, as seen on many a castle esplanade and with the addition of CORPB accouterments – uniquely ours.
  • Day Dress – A less formal look, but equally as smart. Glengarry bonnets, argyle jackets, a shirt and a Rochester tie is the order of the day.
  • Reenactment Dress – For when the situation demands the band stays in keeping with historical events. Tam O’Shanters and a more khaki flavour.