Are you a budding piper or drummer? Have you always wanted to learn to play in a marching band? You’re in the right place. Read our FAQ’s to find out more:

Is it hard to learn?
Bagpipes are harder than Drums. It usually takes 1-2 years to be competent at drumming, and 3-4 or more at bagpipes! You need lots of patience but its worth it!

Will you teach me to play an instrument from scratch?
Currently the band teaches drumming, and can support learning on pipes, however due to the importance of getting a good basic piping ability we would also suggest beginners in piping take private lessons too (we can point you in the direction of private tutors)

What does it cost?
It depends on the instrument you decide to learn. For drummers the band supplies the drum, and would expect you to supply drumsticks and a practice pad (usually about £30-40) Pipers usually supply their own instrument, however the first 6 months or so would be spent on the chanter (£20-50) and then a set of bagpipes will cost anything from £600 upwards!

The band supplies three full sets of dress on loan for your time in the band for parades. However you will need to supply your own shoes!

When and where do you practice?
We practice weekly from 8-10pm at Bowergrove Schoool in Maidstone. Practices are held on a Wednesday Evening. Why not come down and see what we get up to.

Who do i Contact?
Fill in our contact form or give us a ring on or email
we would love to have you!